Friday, March 9, 2007

It's Getting Easier - Day 11

Remember how I spent 6 hours doing the wrong task yesterday? Remember how frustrated I was? Today was much better. I did however still spend a lot of time doing the right task but doing it wrong...well not wrong, I did it the hard way!

We're recording an audio clip for the site ( And my task was to read the page and record it. Sounds easy right? Not when the text takes up 37 pages. So I spent 4 hours recording the page.

As I did, I continued to think..there must be an easier way to do this, there has to be! It just took too darn long to read through all of that text (2 hours at a crack). But I did one complete run through and recorded it. It wasn't great but I had one rehearsal under my belt.

We discussed what to do next. Much to my chagrin, during our discussion I realized I should've recapped the copy and bulleted out the highlights. Basically it we needed about 4 minutes of audio. 4 hours vs. 4 minutes - which would you prefer?! I prefer the 4 minutes!!!

I just laughed and mentally made a few notes on what to include in those 4 minutes. At least after reading the entire copy I know what highlights to hit! It will make the final recording much much easier. I'll wrap it up tomorrow morning. :)

Other things I did today:
  • Finished the Solo Ad (going out to lots and lots and lots of people tomorrow!!!)
  • Kolbe A ( it's not just a cheese! That was fascinating. I'll go into my results in greater detail later on.
  • opened a new account for my personal development expenses
  • paid myself for our new referrals
  • wrote out my give check to Denver's MLK Fund (so happy to be a part of that!!!)
  • wrote out a check to my financial freedom fund (so happy about that!!!)
  • handwriting task
  • blog entry
  • sent email to group
I still need to do this stuff:
  • send the adSense campaign material to our web guy
  • upload my handwriting samples
  • reply to emails
  • review my tools folder
  • review fees for services
  • and whole lots more!

But it's 12:43am and I think it's time to get to sleep!

Til tomorrow....

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