Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Day 17 - Success or Failure? It Depends on How You View It

I spent my morning listening to a call we recorded last night. I listened to it 3 times for a total of 3.5 hours. There were so many lessons, concepts and values to absorb.

One of the most vital lessons I learned was about perspective. We can choose to interpret an experience in any way. It is up to us and how we want to see things. Even when something appears to be a failure there is a positive side. There is a way to turn it into success. All you have to do is flip your perspective. And there is a lesson to learn.

In our recording I heard a story about how earning $15,000 for a week's work was perceived as a failure. Wow! I'd take $15,000 for a month's work!!! But when the expected outcome of that experience was closer to several million it is easy to see how anyone could only see failure.

I was also listening to a recording of Bill Harris and Lisa Nichols (from The Secret). Bill was talking about an experience he had back in the 1970s. He inherited about $7500 and invested it in the stock market. Shortly after his investment, he lost it all. Every penny. $7500 was the most money he'd ever had and he was devastated (I would've been too). But today Bill makes quite a lot (he's a multimillionaire) and he said without having lost that original $7500 he wouldn't be able to manage his wealth today. Interesting isn't it? As long as we don't get too stuck in perceiving something as "good" or "bad" or a "failure" we will gain insight and knowledge from the experience.

I can tell you personally every situation I have perceived as a "failure" in the past (being laid off, having been fired, etc) turned into an incredible opportunity I would've missed otherwise.

It's something to think about when life hands you a lemon.

Other things I did today:
  • wrote copy for a welcome email for our new members
  • wrote copy for our silver membership upgrade
  • wrote copy for our Earn Money page
  • handwriting
  • blog entry
  • email to database
And that was it! It was a great day.

Til tomorrow...

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