Saturday, March 10, 2007

Exhaustion - Day 13

Well today was going to be a slow day for me. It was really my day off but it didn't work out that way.

Instead I got to write a 30 word ad that will be seen by some world-class gurus! It was very exciting..when it was done. Getting it done though? A bit frustrating! I hadn't written a 30 word ad before. I know it sounds's only 30 words right? How tough could that be? I'll tell you - very tough. And it was difficult for one reason: I hadn't done it before. As you do things you learn the easy way to do them. But I usually don't figure out the easy way the first few times I take on an activity. ;)

Well eventually I got it..after many, many revisions. I was proud of the final product! I know we'll get some great results.

And that's all the work I did aside from my usual handwriting and blog entry. Now I'm signing off to clean my house, eat some dinner and watch movies! Enjoy your day.

Til tomorrow...

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