Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Day 23 - Is Hard Work Really Better?

Today was another easy day...part of me still thinks it was too easy. And then I wonder why I think that. When did someone instill in me that harder is better? I'm going to toss that file out of my brain. No, I'm not GOING to toss...I AM tossing it!

I grew up under my father's wing and he works hard. I'm sure that's where my notions come from. He works very hard...much the same as the average American. For him it has paid off well but the same isn't true of everyone. There are hundreds of people struggling to make ends meet. Thousands of people who are two or three missed paychecks away from bankruptcy. I see it every day when those people walk through my downstairs and into my roommate's law office to discuss their bankruptcy options. It's a startling thought and I feel for them.

So I choose to be more, to do more and to live more. I want wonderful things without having to go to a cubicle each morning and count the minutes til I can go home. I will work effectively and efficiently...in other words I choose to work smarter and NOT harder!

I want to retire at 40. I want to work 30 hours a week and take vacations every month...during which my bank account grows even though I'm not doing a darn thing! I want all of that and much, much more. I believe this is the path I am finally on...the easy path.

The easy path doesn't mean there's no energy or exertion. It simply means being smarter about how you do things and leveraging other people...taking advantage of them. :) I believe in taking advantage of others to their benefit. I'm excited to have apprentices to take advantage of so they can discover the joys of copywriting and I can show them an easier way to live. Isn't that a wonderful way to take advantage of someone??! I'm eager for that opportunity. And they will take advantage of me and my knowledge. They will fully utilize me as a source and a tool for their betterment. Cool huh?!

Until that day comes (and it will soon), I spend my days writing copy, organizing and moving forward.

Today I stayed close to my 5 hour work day...I was at about 6 hours. I did quite a few things.

  • rewrote the copywriting service fees (finally ready!)
  • rewrote the Welcome Email for new members (again..finally ready!)
  • listened to Friday's call
  • wrote agenda for Apprenticeship Program Conf Call
  • prepared weekly items to cover in team meeting on Friday..I'm keeping a daily tab of my tasks and projects so I can easily gather them in one place for our Friday calls
  • blog
  • handwriting
And that's it! I've got to write my daily task list for tomorrow and then write my five words 100x yet. I will be done by 8pm! 8 is great compared to yesterday's 12am! Yahooo!!!!

Til tomorrow...

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