Friday, March 2, 2007

Day Five

Hello again.

I have yet to come up with a catchy headline. I'm a bit spent by the time I write these entries but that's just an excuse. I'll think about it before I go to sleep and I'll wake up with fresh ideas and creative energies.

Today was another day of adventure! Here is what I accomplished:

  • rewrote the headline and intro for
  • created a swipe file for that headline and intro blurb
  • wrote 10 ads for MSN AdCenter
  • followed up on several press releases (currently they are on hold)
  • logged 10 new referrals from yesterday's email (those 10 referrals more than doubled my total referrals to date!! YAY!!!)
  • conference call
  • compensation (must still be documented)
  • started reorganizing main copywriting folder
  • handwriting assignment
  • blog entry

And there's so much I haven't done yet!

  • Barbara Hemphill's organization techniques have to be studied (so I can better organize my files)
  • Step by step procedures have to be written for oodles of tasks from press releases to ad affiliates
  • Pay myself for those 10 new referrals
  • Reassess my emergency fund prosperity jar. It's off-balance from the others so I have to take some out and give to the other jars
  • Organize files in my folder on the server..they're a mess!

Well that's it from me. It's 11:30pm and I want to go to sleep. Organizing is a priority tomorrow.

Til tomorrow!

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