Friday, March 16, 2007

Day 19 - Team Building everday... was interesting. My morning ritual is to write a list of the things I plan to accomplish that day. Somedays that list changes in the morning, somedays it changes in the afternoon and somedays it doesn't change at all. Today the list changed completely thanks to our first team conference call. our first team building exercise!

The call was intense as foreign tasks usually are but it was a lot of fun too. Our calls will become weekly events which is terrific. It's great to know what everyone is doing and to learn about the facets of our project(s).

I also think it's interesting that I feel a stronger team/colleague connection now then I have before. It's even more fascinating that people still ask me "are you going to get a real job?" I know they don't intend to sound insulting but that is my initial reaction. And then I take a moment, step back and realize they have a certain idea of what a "job" is and my idea is quite different. I don't want a job. I don't even want a career. I want a passion and a lifelong pursuit of greatness. For the first time ever I am on that road and I am thankful.

But back to my day...after our conference call I worked on a few administrative tasks and realized I was exhausted. So we talked about deadlines and decided to relax some of the pressure I was putting on myself to finish at a certain time. We agreed to see how I would respond to an open deadline. I decided to take the afternoon off and take my roommate's dog to the park. And it was blissful. Colorado has the most incredible weather. We have over 300 days of sunshine a year! 300!!! I'll unabashedly admit that was my #1 reason for moving here. LOTS of sunshine so when I have a chance to enjoy it, I grab it. And Emmitt the dog was pleased with my choice.

Tonight I'm just going to finish my blog entry and my handwriting assignment. That's it. At some point I'll jump back on our recorded call and rewrite copy. We'll see when that happens. Right now I'm allowing myself to relax, to be comfortable with an open deadline and to remove the pressure I so frequently put on myself.

I'm curious as to why I put that pressure there. It's something my subconscious is going to explore for me and we'll uncover those reasons in the future. That's one of the lessons from to see a pattern in your own behavior, ponder it (say "I'm curious about that..") and to look for the underlying reasons for that behavior. If you don't see the reasons immediately just hand it off to your subconscious and come back to it. I've done enough work for the day so at this point my subconscious is going to handle my self-imposed pressure behavior pattern!! We'll revisit it.
Happy Friday.
Til tomorrow...

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