Monday, March 5, 2007

Day 8 - Mountains to Climb

There is something to be said for working on the weekends. It keeps me in the right mindframe. I could tell I had taken some down time over the weekend. I had a harder-than-usual time with concepts and getting my head right today.

But eventually I did. I spent most of the day tweaking our landing page to incorporate our rejected keywords. The more keywords we have the better our chances of having our ads pass. Once the ads pass we can bring in affiliates and start seeing money.

I do feel how I am not allowing money but sometimes I don't know how to change that. When I feel that way I just listen to a few calls and relax my mind. I do get frustrated with myself but I try to remember that as hard as it seems to change my mind, the harder it will be to ever go back! The mind is an incredibly powerful tool..our most valuable asset. And mine is strong. I'm just reprogramming it now.

And I'm going to add a few folks to my team. I'm barely keeping my head above water and it's only going to get more intense. I need some apprentices! I need help!! I will have to work 20 hours a day to accomplish everything. I like to eat and sleep most days so 20 hours is a bit much. :) Somehow I'll manage.

Here's what I did today:

  • rewrote launch page with keywords
  • called Microsoft adCenter
  • downloaded rejected keywords
  • wrote two disclaimers for launch page
  • did the handwriting assignment
  • wrote this entry
  • sent email to former apprentices
  • wrote statements of intent for my jars
What I didn't get done:
  • bank visit (tomorrow morning)
  • upload handwriting assignment (tomorrow morning)
  • browse the tools folder (tons of great stuff in there!)

So back to it - I've got to finish my handwriting assignment and writing my statements of intent for my jars. Fun stuff!

Til tomorrow....

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