Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Day Three

For some reason I am exhausted today. Not sure why but I'm wiped out. I spent the majority of my day writing a press release. That seemed to take a lot out of me. I also revised two bonus boxes and jotted notes to fix two other pieces of copy.

We're in Day 3 of our $30,000 in 30 days push. I'm doing my best to stay on top of my tasks and keep things moving. I don't want to hold up the process!

But how exciting would that be?! $30,000 in 30 days??! It would be the most incredible thing I've ever been a part of. I think the apprenticeship program is the most incredible thing I've been a part of so far. I believe each day will be more and more amazing. And I hold on to that belief and it gets me through the exhaustion, the fear and the occasional (and ever decreasing) doubts.

I also did my Prosperity Jars. I took my recent bonus and gave 55% to my necessities. I gave 10% to my financial freedom fund, 10% to my play jar, 10% to my education, 5% to my long-term savings (just one CD right now), 5% to my emergency stash (my savings of my few healthy money funds) and 5% to my give jar.

I'm really excited to give that money to someone AND to spend that play money! I have considered keeping it in there for up to 3 months but I haven't played in awhile. I want to take it out and do something fun for myself. Who would've thought $10 would be fun?!! It's amazing how it changes your perspective. But I earned that $10, I allowed it into my life and now I am allowing myself to have fun with it.

As soon as you begin embracing that idea and the feeling behind it, something switches. It becomes easier to see money. It becomes easier to find it. I literally feel like my bank account stretches farther. It comforts me. I don't worry about how I will pay my bills, I just ask for it and it arrives. It's as simple as believing.

Most people say it's hard to believe, it's hard to have faith. I was one of them until a few weeks ago. I was laying in bed worrying about money, about love, blah blah blah. And a light bulb illuminated my mind and I thought "This is so hard. Why am I worrying? Why am I doubting? It's so much easier to just believe."

And it is. It's more peaceful, it's more calming and it's just plain old easier. And once that happens, once you feel that and you know it, it becomes easier to just believe. Of course I still have negative thoughts but it's easier to turn them around and to refocus that energy.

The mind is our most powerful asset and I've only begun to harness mine. The possibilities are endless and exciting!

Til tomorrow,


Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Day Two

Each day is a new experience. And each day I feel that "uncomfortable" feeling til I push through. Action alleviates so much of that feeling. But every day it is up to me to continue that action. And today I continued.

Today I had a few tasks to accomplish. I sent out an email with a new headline; I'm still awaiting the results. I also revised an upsell (it's the "Do you want fries with that?" technique), an upsell on a downsell (when someone declines your first offer you downsell them the same product minus a few bonuses or other perks. When they accept the downsell, you offer an upsell. Hence it's called the upsell on a downsell) and an autoresponder email (emails that automatically go out to your database).

I've spent most of the days listening and relistening to calls. There's a lot of copy going into this project and I have to track it and write anything we don't have yet. It has been a battle to get up to speed on what everyone else had done to this point. It does get easier each day because I build on my notes from the previous day.

There are certainly times I doubt myself. I don't doubt this project just myself sometimes. But I decide to continue because there isn't much else I want to do. And I also remember something Mark and I talked about. When you feel yourself getting towards the final reaches of your comfort zone things will feel uncomfortable. Sometimes my stomach hurts, sometimes my head hurts and I know it's because I'm stretching myself. And as Mark said unless you continue to push through that feeling to the next level you'll keep hitting that same wall.

It's true. I can feel and I can see the changes in my life. I see the changes in my disposition, in my interactions with others and in my thoughts. Even my personal life has been affected and it's been incredibly positive.

I really am thankful for this opportunity and I'm thankful I've put myself in a position to take advantage of it.

It's been very interesting to see all the puzzle pieces of this project fit together. It's just a fascinating experience! And I'm thrilled to share it with you. Thank you for joining me.

So on to more recorded calls. :)

Til tomorrow,


Monday, February 26, 2007

Day One

Today is the first day in the next phase of my copywriting apprenticeship program. I've spent the last 5 weeks doing assignments, writing and rewriting (and rewriting again!) and generally pushing myself.

It's definitely been an eye-opener for me and at times it's been uncomfortable. And that's a good thing. It means I'm doing things I haven't been doing before. And the things I've been doing before haven't worked very well.

My comfort zone is crap quite frankly. I haven't gotten very far career-wise and my finances show it. I'm so tired of barely getting by and not enjoying the lifestyle I had always imagined for myself.

I didn't think it was possible before and I'm having to push through barriers now. I know it's out there, I know I can achieve it and now I'm working towards it.

So today I got up, checked my email and made some notes about what I need to accomplish today. I called Mark and he gave me suggestions to change some copy. I changed it and sent it my personal list.

After that I rewrote some headlines for an email we've been sending out to a list of 5,000. The responses have been declining so it's time to change it up.

Now I have to get on another call and figure out what's next. Fast, fast and faster. The faster I work, the faster I get results. And that's what I'm after: results.

Til tomorrow,