Monday, February 26, 2007

Day One

Today is the first day in the next phase of my copywriting apprenticeship program. I've spent the last 5 weeks doing assignments, writing and rewriting (and rewriting again!) and generally pushing myself.

It's definitely been an eye-opener for me and at times it's been uncomfortable. And that's a good thing. It means I'm doing things I haven't been doing before. And the things I've been doing before haven't worked very well.

My comfort zone is crap quite frankly. I haven't gotten very far career-wise and my finances show it. I'm so tired of barely getting by and not enjoying the lifestyle I had always imagined for myself.

I didn't think it was possible before and I'm having to push through barriers now. I know it's out there, I know I can achieve it and now I'm working towards it.

So today I got up, checked my email and made some notes about what I need to accomplish today. I called Mark and he gave me suggestions to change some copy. I changed it and sent it my personal list.

After that I rewrote some headlines for an email we've been sending out to a list of 5,000. The responses have been declining so it's time to change it up.

Now I have to get on another call and figure out what's next. Fast, fast and faster. The faster I work, the faster I get results. And that's what I'm after: results.

Til tomorrow,



jo jo, jem,jo,red said...

Good For You! Keep on keeping on!..I'm dissappointed about the whole power outage/phone disconnection thing that prevented me from making the cut. However I am happy to see you making things happen for yourself.
Keep Strong!
Joanne E. Morrison

Denise said...

Congratulations Lara! I can see the mindset change you've made already. If this is an example of your good copy, your Great copy will be amazing. Keep going forward and you will reach your goals.

Lara K said...

Thanks Joanne. You can always go back to the emails and listen to the calls.

Lara K said...

Thanks Denise! I appreciate the encouragement very much. :) It always helps to hear those words from someone besides myself!!