Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Day 16 - Lessons Learned

Another day, another learning experience..well many actually! I am learning to better understand people based on what they show me through their words.

There is a group I have emailed to regularly about my progress as an apprentice copywriter. Some of those members have opted out of the list, some have responded positively to my daily stories and some have simply ignored me.

One person asked to get into the program and they then moved through the first step. The second step was assigned and they didn't want to do it. They saw it as a waste of time and pointless...their email to me said as much. It was said in much more vulgar terms but that was their message to me.

After some discussion, I was able to see and interpret this person's response. They see everything as "someone trying to sell them something". They have a problem with promotion and sales. It would be difficult for this person to become a copywriter. Copywriting sells. That's it's purpose. And as a copywriter you must believe in what you sell. If you don't, your audience will know and they won't trust you, they won't be interested.

Our words convey our emotions. That is a valuable lesson I learned - along with how to read someone very quickly!

Other tasks completed:
  • lots more promo tools copy!
  • Apprentice Solo Ad went out
  • blog
  • group email
The big news was our Solo Ad for the web site...it went out this morning. We bought advertising to pump traffic into the site. And we sure did! There are new members in our site so our next step is get those members to take action. We'll be sending emails to them with regularity now.

It's fun! I love learning how everything fits into the big picture. It is a puzzle and I'm seeing more and more of the pieces. I'm fascinated with how it all works together.

There were many lessons learned today like the one I mentioned above.

I also learned how to look at things in different perspectives. We can choose to see something as a failure based on our expectations and our interpretations or we can interpret it in a positive way, gather our knowledge and experience and move forward. Moving forward with that knowledge, experience & learned lesson is the easiest way to continue to grow and progress personally and professionally.

I choose to move forward!

Til tomorrow...

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