Saturday, March 3, 2007

A Day of Rest

It's a Saturday and I've decided to only do a few things today. I'm tired and in need of a day to play. :) My hand is starting to tingle and my wrist is aching from too much time at the computer. My body wants to rest!

So today I emailed our database (3 referrals so far - YAY!), divided up my emergency fund jar and documented the procedure for emailing a database. I wrote my five words again. As I reviewed my emails I realized I haven't posted about 3 days worth of the writing assignment. Off to Kinko's tomorrow to scan those assignments and post them! And that's that.

Tomorrow I'll have better access to our FTP site so I can organize my folders. I will write more ads and document other procedures along with the usual handwriting and blog entry.

So cheerio and enjoy your Saturday.

Til tomorrow!

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Mark said...


Contingencies are less scary ;-)