Saturday, March 24, 2007

Day 27 - Mind Games

Today I saw a pattern I have: turning away just before success.

The last day or two I've been worrying about money (another pattern I have) and wondering how I'm going to pay some bills that are due in the next few weeks.

There's a pretty obvious answer to that concern...generate some income from and our current members. It's the easiest solution. But it wasn't my first actually took a few minutes before I realized that was the obvious resolution. And it isn't because I don't believe in what we are doing - I definitely do. I am just learning to believe in myself as a copywriter. It's been a long time since I've felt confident, strong and secure in myself. I'm getting there though, I definitely am. So because I lack that belief I turn away from success just before I get there. I won't turn away this time. I will persevere...I will push through.

Since it's Saturday I only did a little bit of work. I clarified some things on the web page we need to build for our apprenticeship program, scanned 10 days of handwriting assignments and read some copy in our swipe files.

It's been a fun day!

Til tomorrow...

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