Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Downward Spiral

There are two ways your emotions can go..up or down. They run along a continuum or a spiral. At the top are love, joy and appreciation and at the very bottom is fear and despair.

Each day..each moment we have a choice to operate out of love, joy and appreciation or out of fear and despair. Usually we fall somewhere along that spiral and it's up to each individual person to recognize an upward spiral or a downward spiral.

Today I took myself on a downward spiral. I'm curious about why that happened but after an afternoon of feeling anxious, sad, and worried I realized I was heading down, down and down.

So I chose to go up. I was stressing about a few emails I was crafting and was feeling panicky and anxious about whether or not I was on the right track. And after getting tired of those "bad" feelings I decided to go up.

I wasn't sure how to spiral upward and I stayed in that thought for awhile. Eventually the idea came to me that my worry was ridiculous. It wasn't the end of the world if I wrote the copy incorrectly or went down the "wrong" path. I was working myself into a tizzy for nothing! And it was silly. My actions were silly.

What do you do when something is silly? You laugh. So I chuckled and then I laughed til my tummy hurt. It picked me right up and I was heading on the upward spiral again.

The nosedive down came on easier than it had in the past so I pondered that for awhile too. It may related to Holosync. I am experimenting with using it at different times in the day. Today I listened first thing in the morning. I felt invigorated and rejuvenated but I do wonder if the Holosync opened me up emotionally. I'll try it in the morning tomorrow and see if the downward spiral happens again. If it does I'll switch to late afternoon or just before bed. Experimenting is fun. Learning every day is fun!

So in addition to the emails I was telling you about, I listened to a few calls several times, contacted two potential apprentices, sent out an email to Listdotcom.com and did this entry. I'm going to finish up my handwriting and listen to one more call before bed.

Til tomorrow...

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