Sunday, March 11, 2007

Day 14 - The Spa

I had a blissful Sunday afternoon! I visited Woodhouse Day Spa for an hour-long aromatherapy deep tissue massage. It was everything I needed! And it was all thanks to me, courtesy of my play jar. It was lovely. I am quite sleepy now actually.

After the massage I had money left over in my play jar. When you dip into the play jar, you have to blow it all at once. So I had to take myself out to lunch. Tough work huh?! :) I picked up my favorite sushi. After I bought it I had a quarter left over. Like I said when you dip into the play jar, you have to spend it all. So I drove to a few places to look for something to buy for a quarter. Eventually I found a lollipop and bought it. Woo hoo! My day was complete.

Other things I did today:
  • send out email to database
  • send out email to other database
  • blog entry
  • handwriting
  • recorded audio for squeeze page
Tomorrow morning I begin the copy for our joint venture program! We've got some great ideas flowing. I can't wait to see the results.

Stay with me, it'll be fun!

Til tomorrow...

1 comment:

Verenia said...

Hey Lara,
This is V from The Woodhouse Spas Corporation. I'm so glad that you enjoyed your visit to one of our spas!! :0) It is great isn't it? Which spa did you visit? I would love to share your experience with them!!
Visit us again,