Monday, March 19, 2007

Day 22 - Monday is Fun Day!

A lot of people call Mondays moan days. They moan that they have to go back to work. Not me!

But if you look back at most of my Monday posts they have described how exhausting and difficult those days were for me. And even though I knew it was simply a matter of mental perspective, it was still tough for me to find that groove again.

Not today! Today was much better than any other Monday I've had since becoming an apprentice.

Most Mondays I feel nervous, anxious and agitated...but not today! I woke up excited for the day to start, eager to wrap up my tasks and jump on the next projects. It was a refreshing and welcome change for a Monday!

That being said I still hit a block late this afternoon. I was tackling a task (one that is going to make me money I might add) and I went about it the hard way. I knew it too. I felt drained shortly into the project but I couldn't step outside myself to see the easy way. So I labored on for awhile and eventually got assistance to get back on track. At least I'm gaining awareness and soon I will be see the easy way clearly.

Today I accomplished a variety of tasks:
  • rescheduled conference calls
  • sent out an email to one of our databases
  • rewrote copy for web site
  • rewrote copy for copywriting fees
  • handwriting
  • blog entry
  • trip to the bank

I have a few things I'm stuck on and will need help with tomorrow. But we're making great progress! It's terrific.

Til tomorrow...

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