Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Day Nine - Some Days It Comes Easy

After the struggle I had just to get my head on right yesterday, today was a comparative walk in the park. Most things came easily and with little effort..save for one.

I signed up for my own adCenter account. I was going to run my own campaign and we were going to test it against our original campaign. We wanted to see what keywords the spiders would approve in our new landing page copy versus what a person approved. It will help us improve the process for our affiliates.

Something must have happened while I was adding my own account because we lost our keywords in the original campaign. One minute they were there, the next they were gone!

I was quite upset because I thought I had caused it. Lost keywords meant lost money. I tried to find the keywords file on my own but couldn't. Our next step was to call Microsoft adCenter and find out what had happened. Our usual contact wasn't available and the woman I spoke with wasn't much help. She did her best to empathize but couldn't offer solutions.

Fortunately I had had the sense to save our keywords on my computer. After a little more digging (and a lot of deep breathing!!), I found them. I got the bid price per keyword and loaded them to our campaign.

We decided to go ahead and run another campaign with my ads. My ads were written a bit differently but we used the same keywords. So that's what I did. I'll let you know our progress as it unfolds! I'm excited to see our results and to see the money that follows. It is a simple and
almost effortless process. Naturally I managed to find a few bumps along the way but that's all
the better. Now I know what our affiliates may run into and I know how to help them! What often seems to be a hurdle is really just a learning block.

The secret lies in interpreting the experience. If we see it as a hurdle, it is. If we see it as a learning opportunity, it is! It is that simple.

I spent the majority of the afternoon on the adCenter campaign. Here are the other things I accomplished today:

The most fun I had this morning was going to the bank. Thanks to balancing out my contingency fund and my dog-sitting over the weekend I now have $85 to add to my financial freedom fun! I have $85 to play with, I have another $85 to add to my long-term savings (I'm saving for an FJ Cruiser!!) and I have $42.50 to give away!!! I can't wait to donate that money. I love giving.

The financial freedom fund is cool. I've only added sporadically to mine in the past. I've had a few jobs where I've had a 401(k) and I've always given as much as I could to that. Usually I only had that job for 6 months or a year. And when I didn't have the job, I didn't contribute to my fund. Now it's I am committed to giving 10% of all I recieve. Cool!

I also spent some time late last night looking at spas. I'm making an appointment for an hour long massage and paying for it with my play money. I'm also going to give a tip out of my give jar. I don't treat myself to spa days..don't think I ever have so this is going to be wonderful! I hope I can get in on Saturday and make it a full day of pampering. :)

After the bank, I uploaded my handwriting scans and we had our morning conference call to keep things moving. After the adCenter campaign, I rewrote some copy for one of our team members. I uploaded that and moved on to the next task which was writing copy to snag some help for me.

I wrote copy for a call for apprentices. We're going to traffic it in forums and see who we can get. I need help! I need transcription work done, I need someone to bounce my procedures off of and see if they explain things clearly.

There is more work than I want to do alone. Besides, it's good feedback for me. I've always found that teaching and guiding someone helps me to learn things fully. We learn by speaking, reading and writing. Our brain translates the information differently depending on the mode of interpretation. Teaching is speaking and sometimes writing as well. Showing someone how to do something allows us reiterate the things we know. And we often learn in the process.

Oh! And I also signed up for Google's AdSense so you'll start seeing ads on the blog soon. It's another revenue stream for me.

Now I'm off to finish up a few little things. I've got my handwriting assignment and a group email to send to my database. I may actually finish up before 10pm tonight. Then I'll tackle the pile of books I checked out from the library. I've got a few by Joe Vitale, Les Brown and Dan Kennedy. Good stuff!

Til tomorrow,


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