Monday, March 26, 2007

Are You A Zombie or Are You In Love?

I sure have been and I think..scratch that...I believe most people are zombies.

No I don't mean the voodoo-almost-dead type. I mean most of us go through life in a trancelike state. We keep our volumes turned down to the lowest setting possible.

And most of us don't even know it.

The few who do often only glimpse life at the higher volume settings and only in certain moments. I've taken myself out of that trance in different scenarios like rock climbing and when I run more than my usual 4 miles (or 5 or 6...etc).

So what if we could find that same feeling in every moment of every day? What would life be like then?

I'll tell you what it would be like...there would be only joy, love and appreciation. There is no suffering in the moment or if there is it's only for that very moment and then it's gone.

For me personally my pain has usually been derived from past experiences or anxiety about future events. Living in the moment, existing in only the present eliminates the past and doesn't even consider the future. It's a wonderful's simply being. Being here, being now and not thinking..just existing. Thoughts flow easier, energy levels increase, senses are heightened.

It is very much like the first blush of love...personally I haven't fallen like that in over 8 years but I did today! I fell in love with me. I was about to say I fell in love with me all over again but I'm not sure that's entirely true. I think today may be the first day I've ever fully loved myself. I'm amazing! I'm incredible! And I am a beautiful creation in this glorious universe.

We all are...we just have to believe that and it's true. It is like seeing yourself for the first time. I think I'm even prettier today than I was yesterday. ;)

Pretty cool huh?! I think so! That is how I spent most of my day - learning to fall in love with Lara.

And I fully intend to love me every day from here to infinity and beyond.

Naturally I did a few other things like write copy. I crafted a new OTO for

And I also...
  • Listened to Holosync! YAY! My first level arrived today.
  • Blog entry
  • Read quite a few emails/web sites for my swipe files
  • Contacted our apprentice with his second assignment
  • Handwriting assignment for me
  • Watched The Secret
In other news I'm considering moving over to WordPress so I can easily add a blogroll and ads. I'm somewhat familiar with that technology and it seems easier to market my blog using that setup. Now I've got to figure out the easiest, fastest and simplest way to move!

Til tomorrow...

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