Saturday, March 31, 2007

Are You Driving a Porsche?

Before I began the apprenticeship program, I had been working for another copywriter on various projects. One of those projects was an ebook and a corresponding sales letter. The ebook was a lengthy project as you might imagine. I spent 2 months writing 6 chapters for a total of around 60 pages..including at least 2 revisions.

That's still pretty slow I must admit. And the sales letter has taken even longer!! I was working on it step by step with a copywriting course (by Michael Masterson). It's a great course and I enjoyed it but I needed something to light a fire under me. The apprenticeship did that.

So today I spent all of 2 hours today writing the sales letter. It's not completely done but the first draft is there. Do you know how long it had been sitting around? 4 months. 4!!!! Good grief!

Isn't that ridiculous?

I think so. It's like I decided to drive an old jalopy instead of the Porsche. As I'm sure you'll agree, the Porsche is a lot more fun!!! So drive that Porsche I did.

Enjoy your weekend,

Til tomorrow...

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