Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Day 24 - The Best Assignments Ever!

Every day I have fun tasks like writing this blog. I enjoy everything I do but today I had the enviable tasks of writing my life story one year from now and test driving my new car.

When you believe you create your own life you allow yourself the ability to create anything you desire. So why not write the best story you can imagine? Make your life the most amazing and wonderful tale ever told.

One of my tasks was to write my life as I see it one year from today. I wrote a three page detailed description of each event in a day of my life. I wrote a fantastic day! I have a talented team of copywriters working for me, a wonderful home with a lovely garden in the back, a significant other who treats me like the queen I am, a happy little dog to keep my company every day, my favorite BMW and the ranch of my dreams tucked away in the Colorado mountains. It was perfect as it should be!

My other fun task was to test drive the car I want. You've read about my prosperity jars. One of the jars is the long-term savings which I'm using to buy a new BMW. I had thought I wanted a Z4 but hadn't driven one yet. I had never driven a BMW actually...I've just wanted one for the last 10 years. So today I went to a local dealership to test drive the Z4 and see how I could get it.

It took a bit of courage I have to admit. My mind argued with me that I had no business being there because I couldn't afford a BMW. Thank heavens I'm only hearing the words and I'm not giving them credence. My mind's arguments don't have validity and I know it. So when I hear those thoughts, I simply discard them and replace them with positive thoughts like "I'm a world class copywriter." Yes sometimes it takes a few repetitions but other times the negative thoughts easily slide through and the positive ones just fall into place.

Anyway, I eventually made my way into the dealership and chatted with one of the salesmen. Even shopping at a BMW dealership is an experience. I bought my old car about 6 years ago and it was exhausting. The salesmen were pushy and aggressive...not at all like the BMW dealership.

Tony, my new BMW friend, showed me a Roadster and a Z4. We test drove the Roadster and it was fun but too small. I have an SUV right now and I love the size. I also love the height of my current car...since I'm only 5'1" it makes me feel tall! So we chatted a bit. I told him I was also considering buying an FJ Cruiser. He suggested driving the X3 which is BMW's SUV.

I loved it!!! It is my next car. And the best part of all? It's damn near free! If I lease the X3, my company can write off each payment. However if I buy the car, I can only write off up to $18,000 of the purchase price.

So as president of my company I have decided it is a wise business decision to lease the X3 as our company car.

I have to verify everything with my accountant but if he gives me the green light that is the path we are taking! Isn't that exciting??? A car I've wanted for 10 years is within my reach. Wow!

Oh! And the other fun thing I did today was leverage my jars. I borrowed from my LTS jar to buy the Holosync technology. It will be here in 2-3 days! Hold on tight! If you think you've seen changes thus far (I think we have!!) it's nothing compared to what Holosync is going to do. It actually changes your brain waves and thus changes your thought patterns. Or at least that's how I understand it. In essence if you don't like your thoughts but have had difficulty changing your thoughts Holosync makes it easier. I'm thrilled! Can you tell?!

So aside from those very fun assignments I worked on other cool projects like
  • a welcome email for our new members
  • blog entry
  • handwriting
  • email sent
  • bought a new laptop

My oh my that was a big day! So much excitement..I'm so curious to see what will happen next.

Til tomorrow...

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