Thursday, April 5, 2007

Why Do We Do What We Do?

Today I made a mistake or what I now prefer to call a learning experience. The phrase learning experience doesn't have the same connotations attached to it as does the word mistake (or so it goes in my mind).

I sent out an email without prior approval and didn't include all the information necessary. I wondered why I did this since I have been waiting to release several other emails for a few days. After pondering I came up with a few options. I sent it because I wanted to stay on top of my tasks (true). I sent the email because I thought I could do it myself (doubtful). I sent it because I thought I should send it myself (true).

My main reason appears to be that I wanted to prove to myself that I still needed someone to check me out for the best possible copy. That's a good reason's much easier to work as a team than it is to work on your own. Things get done faster, better and smoother. So I perhaps I simply wanted to reassure myself that the team approach is best. And it is!

That wasn't my only learning experience today. I admit I had another struggle in some respects. I'm still learning to release negative thoughts and emotions...especially when it comes to money. It (money) was definitely on mind today. Through experience I've seen that the less I worry about my finances, the easier things are. So why worry? Not sure...but today I got hung up in those thoughts.

So I practice letting it go of those feelings and get back to my center. It will come in time. I'm also considering buying a Holosync CD designed for money and wealth creation. The level one program is working well so I'm pretty sure this CD would be good too.

Holosync has a terrific program! The customer service is pretty good but the best part is they go out of their way to take care of me. :) On Tuesday I received Bill Harris' latest book called "Thresholds of the Mind" and on Wednesday I received more free stuff...some CDs! They sent me a 6 disc set of Bill Harris speaking at a past Holosync retreat and a disc called "Making Change Easy".

If you recall from my post yesterday...I make change difficult. I've improved markedly in that area but my mind still fights it for awhile. Despite the struggle, I do end up going through that wall and the resistance either lessens or sometimes disappears completely. But I believe this CD will make things even easier. Perhaps the wealth CD will help in the financial arena. I could use it about now.

Back to today, I rewrote that mistake email (which took about 20 minutes), sent our apprenticeship email to the crew and updated my new laptop.

Tomorrow I'm going to get the details worked out for the apprenticeship program fees, edit the OTO one last time and see what other tasks I've got to take care of. Fun stuff!

Til tomorrow...

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Mark said...

Lara, If you remind me I'll set you up with the traffic assistants to drive traffic to your copywriting services area.