Sunday, April 29, 2007

Just Another Day In Paradise

Cozumel is absolutely wonderful. I am having a fantastic time. This entire trip is fabulous. I feel incredible. I AM incredible! :)

This morning I signed up for my intro to scuba course and we went about our group training session. I simply could not get used to breathing under water. I simply couldn't do it and I gave my all. By my 12th attempt at sitting on the bottom of the pool (you have to go in the pool first), I was shaking from head to toe and crying. Yeah, crying.

It's the oddest feeling to breath underwater and my mind wouldn't accept it. Normally when I panic or feel uneasy, I take deep breaths to calm myself down and I find my center very easily and naturally. The problem today was that I didn't feel like I could breath! So instead of calming me, I panicked even more. It was not my finest hour but I did try (and yeah that's all I did was try. You know what trying is right? Failing with honor and I certainly did today).

So I've decided to just relax this afternoon and read by the ocean. I may give it another go on this trip but I'm not certain. I will definitely sign up for a scuba diving course because I CAN overcome this fear. I just don't seem to be there yet. And it's all mental, I know it. One day I will be a certified scuba diver. :)

And that's about all I've got for you. It's warm, sunny and the Caribbean breezes are blowing so it's time for me to sign off and enjoy paradise!

Be well,


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