Friday, April 27, 2007

Fate or Circumstance?

Well you've seen that I can create situations based on my desires. This week has been a virtual waterfall of experiences in that vein. Today was the same.

I woke up at 3:15am (yes, 3am) and prepared to leave for Mexico. We made our flight with time to spare, got settled and eventually we were in the air. I sat next to a woman named who is part of the social group I'm in Mexico with and on the other side of me was another woman. I actually never got her name. She was nice but quiet and clearly wanted to be alone. (Most of us had been awake since at least 4am so I can understand not being interested in conversation with a stranger).

Eventually the no-named quiet woman got up and left. She switched seats with another man for some reason and he sat down quietly, absorbed in a book.

After about 2 hours of flying, we all got restless and started chatting and hanging out in the aisles. My friend interrupted the man next to me to apologize for our chattiness. He was cordial and we all began talking.

He runs a property management company based in Colorado but with rental properties in Cozumel (where we flew into today) and Playa del Carmen. We chatted a lot about what he does, how he got into it, what he loves about it (makes good money, travels, meets great people) and what he doesn't love (misses time with his kids and wife). After about 20 minutes of learning about him, he asked what I do. I told him I'm a copywriter and that I create content for web sites, press releases, ads, etc.

His interest perked up and he was curious to know more. He asked if I'd be willing to look at his web site and give him feedback in terms of what we could improve and what it would take for me to make those improvements (ie payment). I said it would be my pleasure to help him and that I'd be in touch when I got back from Mexico.

So we may have stumbled upon a client who has a terrific business (he gainfully employs 19 Mexican residents and provides them with significantly more income then they'd make elsewhere), terrific product and good cashflow.

And he's a terrific guy to boot! I had a great time chatting with him. We must've talked for at least an hour.

So what do you think...fate or circumstance?

I think neither. I think it was my intent and request to the Universe.

I must admit, I'm fairly impressed with myself. :) I'm even more excited to see what will happen. It's only the first day here - we could 7 new clients by the end of the week!

That's it for me though. I've now been awake for way too long and I'm simply exhausted. But it's a long night ahead - dinner, drinks and dancing!! Hopefully you'll see some crazy photos.

Til tomorrow...


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