Thursday, April 12, 2007

Quick Post

I seem to have attracted some little bug...I think it's a cold so I've been out cold on my couch most of the afternoon and am heading off to bed soon so I can recover and be healthy tomorrow.
And I can tell you this ridiculous Colorado weather isn't helping!! We've fluctuated between freezing rain and cold temps to 70 degrees within a few days. Tonight we're under a winter storm watch til 6pm tomorrow. We may have 6" of snow when I wake up tomorrow. At least my dog loves it!

One day I'm going to have a home in Hawaii or southern California and I will spend February, March and April there. The rest of the year I love Colorado but by April I'm ready for summer.
April teases and hints at summer but consistent warmth never fully arrives til May.

Anyway, there's my weather tangent!

I'll fill you in on where we're at and where we're going on Friday.

Til tomorrow...

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