Monday, April 9, 2007

Busy Busy Monday

It was a busy day! There were lots of tasks to finish up and some new projects to tackle. I didn't finish everything but I did put a big dent in my To Do list. I feel pretty good about that!

Here's what I did:

  • changed contact information on our Copywriting Creative Services pages
  • emailed Traffic Assistant contact
  • Sent welcome email to apprentices
  • Received one response (YAY!)
  • Opened AdCenter account
  • Uploaded ads and keywords for two campaigns
  • Rewrote two emails (two more to go!)
  • Secured a fax number for myself
  • added my tasks to Central Desktop
  • uploaded 3 web pages to CD

And that's about it. I was working on tasks til about 7pm tonight so I decided to take a break.

Tomorrow I've got a JV partnership to delve into deeper in the morning along with a report on where we stand on all of our tasks. It's quite a bit but we can manage. And the faster we manage everything, the faster we'll generate profits. Wooo hooooo!!!!!

I'll keep you updated. :)

Til tomorrow...

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