Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Are Wishes Really Granted?

Yet again I am faced with a day full of more tasks than I accomplish! However the things I don't finish give me something to prepare for the next day so I'm not complaining.

This blog entry was going to be about how to make money as a blogger but I ran out of time yet again. That entry will appear tomorrow because I have simply more on my plate then I could completely tackle in one day (at least by myself..when my apprentices get up to speed we'll have plenty of hands on deck and hopefully a much bigger boat or fleet of boats to manage! Did you follow that analogy?!).

Instead I'm going to share a little story along with a quick recap on how I spent my day.

If you've read my previous entries you know I've discussed The Secret and the Law of Attraction (or Law of Vibration as it's also called). And I've talked about my Holosync meditation ritual.

So last night as I was meditating, I decided to send out this intention: I wanted someone to give me something for free today, Tuesday April 17th.

I didn't say what it was exactly, just something for free without a request on my part.

So I said the intention a few times and felt the happiness and joy I would feel when I received the freebie and then I let the thought and the feeling pass on and went back to meditating.

During one of my sessions in my Gmail account (lloest@gmail.com if you want to reach me), my friend popped in a message window. He is testing a new product and wanted to make sure his Paypal processing was all set up properly.

He asked for my Paypal email address and said he was going to send me some money to test his processing procedure. I gave him my email account and logged in to help him check everything out.

It went smoothly and I received a bit of money from him.

He thanked me, I thanked him and said it was my pleasure to be of assistance and we went about our days.

It wasn't until a short while later that it struck me I had received my previous night's request. I had asked for something free and I had gotten it.

When I realized and understood what had just happened, I smiled from ear to ear. And I did feel as happy and as joyful as I had imagined I would.

I'm sure many people would pass this off as a coincidence and that's fine. I prefer to believe we can create our worlds...scratch that, we DO create our worlds.

I'm aware enough to know I don't know everything about creating the world I want otherwise I'd already have everything I want. But I do know enough to sit quietly and observe..and to believe in my wishes.

The more I study and the more I learn, the stronger my belief in myself and my ability as an Infinite Creator becomes. And that's where it's fun!

I'm not naive enough (or in the least bit lazy) to believe I can sit on my couch and meditate to receive millions but I'm already doing the work behind so many great ventures that when I add belief to the equation I think it will speed up the creation process.

So that was my story for the day. :) I'm sure there are lots more where that came from!

Here's a recap of what I did today when I wasn't receiving money for free:

*Morning update call
*MSN AdCenter ads - rewrote 26 (took 20 min)
*MSN AdCenter ads - uploaded more keywords
*emailed our traffic assistant person
*called our other traffic assistant contact
*emailed 4 apprentices
(2 of these emails were welcome emails and the other 2 were for actual tasks)
*hung out in Warrior Forums...turns out I have to be a contributing member for awhile before I can post in the special offer forum (the offer I posted here yesterday)
*met with my Payroll company so I can start paying myself. YIPEE!
*reviewed material by Clayton Makepeace, Gary Bencivenga, John Carlton and Gary Halbert
*Solo ad emailed to Listdotcom.com
*Emailed friend's friend about a type of web site building program

Things to do tomorrow:
*Blog entry on making money as a blogger!!!
*Networking luncheon (FUN!)
*Check on MSN AdCenter campaigns
*Go to directresponsejobs.com

And a litany of other things I am sure!! Actually I have made a daily habit of writing down the top 6 things I will do that day to move me closer to my goal.

If I haven't told you my goal yet, here it is:

My goal is to have 10 world-class copywriters working with me by April of 2008 and to generate a 100K salary for myself in the process...and to help them create whatever salary they desire as well.

I write this goal every day on a little slip of paper..usually a Post-It and I carry it with me.

I like that goal so I review it at least twice a day but usually more often.

There you have it, my day in a nutshell. Wasn't that fun?!!

Til tomorrow...

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