Monday, April 23, 2007

When Does Attraction Work?

Life is an ever unfolding story and today was another exciting chapter! We landed our first copywriting project.

Let me tell you the tale...

Yesterday I went to church (Mile Hi Church, check it out when you're in the Denver area. It's based on Ernest Holmes Church of Religious Science) and set out the intention of creating one new client by this Friday, April 27th 2007. After attending service, I filled out a prayer request with the same intention and then I went about my day.

Last night I came home to work on a few things and received a PM from a woman in the Warrior Forums. I had offered to help her and provide a testimonial for her new book. She gave me the link, thanked me and offered to help me in any way she could if I would only ask.

So I did. I explained that I was a copywriter and was bringing on more clients. Perhaps she might know of someone and she could pass my information along. Free consultation I offered. :)

She wrote back and said she needed a sales letter for the book and would I be interested in writing it?

Well of course I would! I was ecstatic to say the least!!! And so our relationship began. I sense she is a very kind person, at least from all of her posts and from our email exchanges (along with her book which is wonderfully written in a loving manner).

And that is the story of how I created our first client. Wonderful isn't it?!

Naturally I spent part of my day analyzing and wondering how I had manifested this situation. I like to understand things fully so I can recreate them (or not create them again if they don't serve my highest good).

And I came to the realization that it was three steps: decide, commit and act. Or thoughts, feelings and actions.

I thought about what I wanted, I became very clear about it.

I felt how joyful it would be to have that client (and in so doing I committed myself to the goal).

And then I acted. Now that was the tricky step because at first I didn't see how I created this relationship or what actions actually achieved this goal. I know that I have helped others and it hasn't resulted in a client (not in such an immediate fashion anyway).

As I was analyzing and turning this over and over in my head (which is something I love to do by the way), I came to the understanding that simply because my thoughts, feelings and actions where in alignment I was bound to create my goal in some way. I realized I didn't have to know exactly how it was going to happen, just that it (my goal) was going to happen.

Let me tell you, that is not the simplest concept for me to grasp. And do you know why? You probably guessed it long before I did but it is because I have to trust, I have to trust the Universe, I have to trust myself and my role/responsibility in the creative process.

Trust has been an ongoing issue for my entire life. I admit it, I own that aspect of myself and I am changing it. I am trusting more and I am giving more and I am opening up myself much, much more.

And as I do, wonderful things unfold and happen all around me.

So I have committed myself to trusting more and learning that as long as my thoughts, beliefs and actions are aligned I can create whatever my heart desires.

I am trusting that I don't have to know exactly how things will happen, I just have to know that they will and act accordingly. It's so much easier and makes me feel so much lighter, calmer and relaxed! What a miraculous discovery!!

Til tomorrow...


P.S. I know I promised you a video clip about generating more traffic so you will have it tomorrow!

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