Tuesday, April 24, 2007

How To Write A Killer Press Release

What is the most underused marketing tool today? It’s the press release.

In today’s edition of the Information Marketing newsletter we’ll unlock the secrets to writing a good press release. In this first part of a two part series, we’ll look at what a press release is, what should go into a press release and how to best capture the news media’s attention.

Press releases are often overlooked by a lot of self-employed folks but not you! Take advantage of this type of marketing and you’ll be three steps ahead of the

What is a press release?

You may be asking yourself what exactly is a press release? You’ve probably heard the term before but you may never have written one yourself. Your business will benefit from knowing what it is and how to use it.

A press release is a pseudo-news story that shows an editor or reporter why your particular person, event, service or product is worth being covered in their publication or media outlet.

What’s in a press release?

Now that you know what a press release is, let’s find out what actually goes into your press release.

As we said earlier, a press release is newsworthy. It’s something important that has happened or will be taking place such as a grand opening of your new business, the
newest addition to your product line or a recent promotion for someone in your company.

Still not sure if your news is really news? Ask yourself these questions:

*Is your topic or subject matter relevant?
*Does it add value to the marketplace?
*How does it add value?
*Does it matter to a journalist?
*Do you have a story to tell?

These are key questions to ask yourself, they will create your best possible press release. When you can answer these questions, you’ve got a great start!

Angles Angles Angles

The easiest way to write a press release is to write a story. The media loves a story, it makes their jobs easier, their bosses love the tales and readers prefer to hear about other people versus just plain old news.

The purpose of your press release is get the media to notice you and cover you. A well-written story will do that for you. A story doesn’t mean making something up, it means you find a relevant and interesting angle and then write about

For instance, got a great customer who has used your product for 35 years? Cover it.

Did one of your clients find a new use for one of your tried and true products? And that new use has increased their business by 15%? Perfect, write about it.

The best stories are the stories that come from your customers. They’re easier to write, they’re more interesting to the general public and journalists know that. Do yourself a favor, write your press release as a story!

So what if you don’t think you have story? There are plenty of other ways to angle your topic so the news media is interested. Simply find a way to tie your topic into current affairs and events of the day and there’s your angle!

For instance, let’s say your product is natural pet food. With the recent pet food recall you’ve got a great chance to capitalize on a hot topic of the day. Write a press release about how you now offer informational packets outlining the
ingredients in your pet food so owners know what they’re giving their dogs, cats, parakeets, etc.

Position yourself to show a human interest angle and how you help your customers. Simply show, don’t tell.

If you’re still stuck and wondering if your news is relevant, call us and we will help you figure it out. You can find our contact information here:


With a bit of time and preparation, you can really increase the public’s awareness of your business with great press releases. They provide a lot of bang for your buck!

In next week’s edition, we’ll look at the specific parts of a press release such as the headline, subhead and body.

See you then!

Lara K. Loest
Managing Copywriter

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