Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I Believe It and So It Is

Today was one of my favorite days! I found the perfect mix of the work, play and learning. I think all 3 elements are important to every single day. Some days we have to work a lot more than others and that's fine, it goes with the territory but it's important to tip the scales in favor of play and learning when work slows down then. I'm tempted to say "balance" but I recently heard that balance is basically stagnation. When you see a perfectly balanced scale nothing is happening. And what does that mean as a human being? If you're balanced, you're dead. I like it when things are happening and moving.

The real highlight of the day has been the apprentices. Well just one apprentice actually. She's clipping along at a great speed and I'm doing everything I can to encourage that! She is definitely where I was when I began my apprenticeship and truthfully I'd never want to go back to the woman I was before. In fact, I don't think I could go back to being her if I tried. And if you've read any of my previous entries you know my mind has certainly tried to take me back there every chance it's had!!! But I won't let it and so we simply move forward.

But back to my's exciting!!! I want a team of 10 great copywriters and they'll be wonderful to work with. How cool will that be? I know it will present challenges as well but I like a challenge. I feel accomplished and fulfilled when I overcome an obstacle. It reflects onto my perception that I can do whatever I set out to do.

The only thing we seem to be having difficulty overcoming is the money part of things. But I think my inability to allow money into my life is being turned around. Soon it will be like the floodgates of Niagara Falls opened up!!! I will only be able to create more and more.

So I envision that and I also envision our May 1st goal. I picture myself on the beach in Cozumel (which is where I will be on May 1st) and I'm telling myself how happy I am and how proud I am of me for allowing that money into my business. Sometimes it doesn't quite feel real but I continue to do it and let Holosync do it's thing. I allow myself to feel as though I've already created it.

Did I mention I moved on to the next section of my first level of Holosync? The 2nd track is actually my favorite part. Everything gets really slow and quiet in my mind. It's so soothing.

In many of Bill Harris' interviews he talks about how he had an addictive personality before creating Holosync so throughout the process he would take his listening to extremes. There were times he would listen for an entire day!

Based on the fantastic feelings I get from using Holosync, I can see where he could get addicted to it. I practiced meditation before but I wasn't always disciplined about it so my results reflected that. Anyway, I love my meditation hour every night ! No more lack of discipline on my is so calming that I will continue doing it!

That's enough from me...I'm getting up early to run tomorrow morning. I'm excited to see what my apprentices have for me tomorrow!

Til tomorrow...

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