Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Busy Busy Promoting

This week I'm learning about the wonderful world of online promotion..something I know nothing about! Well not "nothing" ... let's just say I'm discovering a relatively unknown world!

And as you can imagine, at times I have struggled with the learning process. It feels like a lot of work and a lot of hard work at that. Of course because it feels that way, it is. So I'm practicing the art of letting go. I just shut off my brain and I do it. Things work a lot better when I'm in that mode!

Today I spent most of the morning on a conference call getting up to speed on the status of our projects. After that, I fixed up a couple of web pages, sent some emails, compiled more keywords for AdCenter and joined the Warriors Forum (which is a fun place by the way!)

The best part of my day was my new apprentice!!! Woo hoo!!!!! I'm doing a happy dance!

Overall it was a great day but I'm a bit tired so I'm off to relax and watch "What the Bleep Do We Know?!" I've seen it before but repetition is a good teacher.

Til tomorrow...

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