Thursday, April 19, 2007

My Top Five Daily Success Steps

This post was inspired by Joe Vitale's post which you can read here. Joe lists the top 10 things he does every day to be successful. And as you all know, I am a big big fan of Joe and his teachings. He asked his readers to post our top five and link back to him so here's my list.

1.) Gratitude
Every morning when I get up, I say thank you outloud. I thank the universe that I am alive and kicking that day! Each day is a new chance to learn, grow and create. Those are some of the best reasons to give thanks!

I also keep a gratitude journal and write a one page list of all the things I'm thankful for. My final line each day is the same: I'm so thankful for me, for the Universe (we are one and the same) and for the life I am creating. Gratitude is so powerful and it sets the tone for my day. It's a practice I learned from one of my other favorite teachers, James Ray.

2.) Write my goal and carry it with me.
Each morning before I start my work day, I write my goal on a post-it, tuck it in my pocket and keep it on my person all day. I take it out and review it at least twice a day (morning and evening)...usually more often. This is a tool I also picked up from James Ray (I think this may be a Stephen Covey technique..not sure).

I should add my goal and how I write it because that's important:

I'm so happy now that I'm creating $100,000 in profits for my business and am working with a team of 10 world class copywriters who also create the profits they desire.

You'll notice I write it in the current tense which is key. It puts me in a state of feeling the experience, not wishing or desiring it. That may sound like a slight distinction but it's very important.

3.) Get Outside!
This usually comes in the form of exercise whether training for my half-marathon or just walking the dog.

And I love the outdoors, it invigorates my soul and recharges my body. I live in the glorious state of Colorado where the sun shines over 300 days a year. I moved here roughly 3 years ago from the cold, overcast Midwest (Wisconsin to be exact) and the sun blesses me with her glory. And when I'm outside, I'm always thankful I had the courage to move across the country and settle in a place I love!!

4.) Read
Joe and I share this common daily tactic. I'm a voracious reader and am often reading 4 or 5 books at the same time (another trait Joe and I share). I've steered away from fiction of late and read most anything I can get my hands on in the realms of spirituality, psychology, copywriting, marketing and personal development. There's simply so much knowledge to be gained and explored. I honestly wish everyone read more! Go to the library people - it's good for you!! :)

5.) Holosync Daily Meditation
You can review my earlier posts about Holosync. I simply LOVE it. There aren't enough words in the English language for me to express my gratitude, joy and love for Bill Harris' amazing technology.

I have always enjoyed meditation but wasn't as disciplined as I could've been. It can be hard to sit still for an hour...especially if you don't see the results. That is not the case with Holosync. I feel so amazingly alive and vibrant. My world is clearer and more intense. Anyone who has ever had an incredible meditative or yoga session can understand what I'm expressing. Holosync is the only thing I have found that helps me create this same feeling every single day.

Not only that, it allows me to be clearer about my thoughts, feelings and intentions. I have a better grasp of me! How wonderful is that?!

And I'm only on the first level. Woo hooo!!!

I'm excited for the adventures, explorations and discoveries I'll uncover in next 11 levels!

6.) Top Six List
Yes I said I was only going to list five but I remembered a sixth step I take every day. I write down my top six items to accomplish the next day that will move me towards my goal. This was something I heard James Ray, Dan Kennedy and a few others say they do on a daily basis.

After I write the top six, I circle the one thing I fear the most and decide to conquer it first every day! That's a Robert Allen trick. Good one right?!

So there you have it, my top six daily tips.

What are yours? Link back to me and to Joe's blog..share your secrets!

Til tomorrow....


P.S. I'm also adding a 7th technique: to say I love you every single day and feel it!

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