Sunday, April 8, 2007

Have You Ever Forgotten On Purpose?

Not much in the way of news today as far as work goes. I wrote some AdCenter ads and then went about my day. I was gone most of the day doing Easter-type things. I went to church and to brunch with a friend. Brunch turned into a very long conversation about life, religion, spirituality and the cosmos. We spent almost the entire afternoon sharing thoughts and ideas. It was a lot of fun.

Something interesting did happen after church. My friend wanted to pick up a copy of the day's service. This church is so large they record and telecast the services...being smart marketers they also sell DVDs, CDs and tapes of the services. My friend offered to buy a copy of the service for me but I declined (I'm not sure why...she was trying to give me something why would I turn away from that??). So she bought her own copy and we left to go out for brunch.

After brunch I dropped her off at home. As I drove around the block to head back to my house, I realized she had left her CD in my car. Clearly she wanted me to listen to the service again! So I emailed her and will return it this week. But before I do, I'll be burning it to my iTunes software!

The universe sent me a message so it's time to tune in and listen!

Til tomorrow...

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