Saturday, April 28, 2007

Another Day By The Sea

Well not a lot to report in the way of copywriting news today...just spent the day hanging out by the water and relaxing under the sun.

We've got a few new apprentices who have come on board recently and one who has risen from the ashes. I thought she had fallen by the wayside but she emailed me yesterday and asked to join in again.

So we're well on our way to my goal of 10 world class copywriters. My goal was April 2008. I'm excited to see us create that, I believe it will happen.

You should definitely be here in Cozumel. Sand, sun and surf. It's amazing. I feel so incredibly at peace (well except for last night's drama but that's for my personal blog). I really needed this trip! I had no idea how tense I was. Well, that's not entirely true. I knew I was fairly tense and concerned about life but the more I unwind and decompress here, the more I see just how high strung I felt!

No photos from last night yet but they are floating around out there. I just have to make sure they're suitable before you see them! We've got some wild and crazy people in this group...I am not one of them. I just enjoy watching them do wacky things!

There are about 40 of us, almost half men and half women...I believe all but 4 of those 40 are single. Yeah, it's made for some interesting situations already!

So I'm off to snack before dinner and have a drink. And then more dancing, dancing, dancing! I have been voted the Dancing Queen of the group so it's time for me to uphold my title. It's salsa night so we'll see how that goes! Should be fun.

Til tomorrow...


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