Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Look At Our Newest Apprentice!

I was so impressed with this young man's first copywriting assignment. I think you will be too. View it below:

Pretty good huh?!! Boatloads better than my first solo ad was!! It's exciting stuff we've got going on.

Like I said, it's only going to get better and starting Friday when I'll be writing to you from the sandy white beaches of Cozumel. Jealous aren't you?! :) I'd be if I weren't already going.

Wish me blue skies, happy fishes and wonderful new friends of all kinds.

Quick recap of the day and then I've got to get to sleep early tonight because I have a 7am networking breakfast. Frankly, I don't usually roll over til about 7am so this is going to be a stretch! Thank heavens someone invented coffee.

Today I met with a friend about copywriting projects for her. Things are picking up in her arena and we'll projects are coming in.

I did have to spend part of my afternoon reinstalling all of my information on my computer. The hard drive died on this laptop about 2 weeks ago and the new hard drive arrived. The essentials are installed and working properly.

Beyond that I did some more networking at the gym tonight, got my business cards ready for tomorrow and contacted a few other friends about working for them. Things are picking up and the energy is flowing. It feels good as I know I'm in control of the situation and its outcome. It is definitely time to put the grapes under some stress and create an exceptional wine.

Did you know that vineyards actually stress their grapes? There is a certain level to which grapes must be stressed in order to produce fantastic wine. Wine makers know this and they stress their grapes and bring out their very best.

Interesting when you think of that as a metaphor for life. I know I think of myself in that respective and it completely changes my perspective on things. I am thankful for the opportunity this challenge presents. It is yet again moving me out of my comfort zone which is wonderful! This is the very best thing that could happen to me.

I guess I didn't give you the details did I?! Currently I live rent-free in exchange for cooking and cleaning for my roommate. He has decided he needs to rent out my part of the house so he can buy a home in the mountains. Good for him and even better for me! No more cooking and cleaning, no more messy roommate! Although I will miss his dog a lot but for what he's asking in rent money, I can afford to get my own dog. :)

So now I'm in a situation where I would strongly prefer to increase my business profits and fully support myself. My goal had been to do this by August of 2007 but we'll just speed up the process. (There's a definite theme here...I move much slower than the Universe wants me to. How long do you think it's going to take me to figure that out???).

Although at times I am nervous as I don't know where I'll be living in June...wouldn't you be?! But then again, none of us really know anything beyond this moment do we?! We don't and if you think otherwise you're fooling yourself.

Anyway, we are now generating more revenue and moving right along. I'll have plenty of money by fact, my business will be awash in green energy by then! It already is. :)

Now I'm off, time for my one lovely hour of Holosync and then sleep! What a busy bee kind of day...very fun.

Til tomorrow...


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