Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What's your threshold?

The last month has pushed me over my threshold repeatedly but the last 2 weeks have been particularly difficult. I've never been a big fan of change but now that I understand why change occurs and that the end result can be positive (if I make the choice to see the positive), it's become easier.

Notice I said easier...not easy. Change still isn't my favorite thing in the world.

Today I found a bit of clarity though and I have Bill Harris to thank yet again. My internal map of reality is changing and pushing me above my threshold so I've been uncomfortable. I'm uncomfortable seeking copywriting jobs with ad agencies because it's new territory. I'm uncomfortable not knowing what my mailing address is going to be on July 1st because that again is new territory and very undefined.

So what's the easiest approach to all of this? Simple: raise my threshold and remember whatever happens is ok.

Yes easier said than done but at least I know how to approach my current circumstances and that is making a huge difference in my response. I'm finding I have an incredible ability to find peace, love and joy in all events and situations right now. No not at every moment of every day but I can find that inner calm much more frequently.

To further aide me I am reading Joe Vitale's The Attractor Factor. I love Joe and his work. This book is incredible. It's another fun tool to help me create!

One of my intentions is to find a full-time copywriting job by June 27th so that is where my focus was today. I spent the day sending emails to ad agencies and showcasing my talents. I had 2 responses...one I initially interpreted as snarky and condescending. And it probably was.

But then I decided that person was someone I wouldn't want to work with anyway...if they would talk that way to someone they didn't know, imagine how they would talk to someone they did know! Clearly that person and that agency just isn't inline with my goals and dreams and I'm not inline with theirs. And so it is!

The second was a nice, personal note from the HR Director thanking me for my interest. It was an actual email though - not a standard rote response - so I was happy with that.

Tomorrow is more of the same along with fixing up the sales letter for a mailing.

Create a nice day!


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