Thursday, May 17, 2007

Happy Birthday to me

Yay! It's my birthday today.

It has been a fun day...made a few sales, contacted some more folks and generally had good times all around.

There are several apprentices who have agreed to work on this project but I haven't gotten updates from them. No word on how they are doing or even what they are doing.

It is a challenge to help others...especially when they don't help themselves.

I know I did the same thing! I turned away from help - almost always without realizing I was turning them down and/or pushing them away.

But that is why I am here to help others - because people helped me.

So I'll continue to be here to support, guide and offer assistance to anyone who is willing to reach out for it.

I am learning to better define that line between actually doing the work for them and simply helping. It's an ongoing process! It is fun when I look at the experience (or any other experience for that matter) as a process and a continual improvement versus an obstacle.

It's much easier to learn, grow and continue when every experience is viewed as a learning least for me it is. Hopefully I can help others to life their lives the same way. It's much more fun!

Anyway, that's my daily update. I'm going to take the evening off and spend it with my family.

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