Friday, May 4, 2007

Quick Update

I spent most of the day traveling back to the states so there's not a great deal to report.

The coolest part of the day was that I ran into the property management client in the airport check-in line and then we sat across the aisle from each other on the plane. And finally we sat next to each other on the shuttle bus back to our cars after the flight. How funny is that?! It's pretty cool.

I also had breakfast with the other potential client this morning and then saw him at the Cozumel airport.

The day was a whirlwind of travel though and I'm a bit beat. We left the hotel around 9:30am and arrived at our baggage claim in Colorado about 4pm.

By the time I dropped off some folks, drove home and unpacked it was about 6pm. I'm tired! :) But in a fantastic way. The trip was absolutely wonderful and I would've been overjoyed to stay another few days! Island living has a powerful effect on my soul. I'm calm, relaxed and content.

This is just a recap post. Here are a few things I'll be working on over the weekend:

  • catching up with my apprentices. We have 5 people working on tasks...but only 4 of whom I've talked to in the last 2 weeks.
  • read my emails (literally several hundred from the last 3 days)
  • sort through business cards
  • set up networking meetings for next week
  • begin crafting the emails I'll be sending as follow ups with the potential clients I met this week

It's going to be a hectic few days because I am heading back to Wisconsin on Wednesday to spend a few weeks with family.

My goal is to set up two meetings and send out two emails (to the potential clients) by Wednesday night when I leave. It will be fun so come on back and watch me work my magic. :) Ok, maybe it's not magic but it is fun to create!

So even though I'm not jumping for joy to be back in Colorado, I am happy to be working on new projects and new clients...both are fun fun fun!

See you soon...


P.S. I'm waiting on photos from other folks from the trip so when I get them, you'll be the first to know!

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