Monday, May 21, 2007

I think it's time I start writing my blog posts in the morning. I'm just too tired at night! Most mornings I get up, write in my gratitude journal, read something inspirational and get started.

Starting tomorrow I'll write my daily appreciations here! And I'll include a recap of the previous day...much like I do now.

Before we move on to the new entries, I'll share today's tale.

We landed our first full GMPS package order today! Woo hoo!!! This is the same client we did work for last week. He upgraded to our full services this afternoon. I'm very excited!

I'm hoping this is a prelude of things to come as we have a call with a potential client on Wednesday. How wonderful would it be to land two projects in one week?! I'd be beside myself with joy. I like imagining how I'll feel when that happens. I've got a happy dance all planned out!

In other news, our apprentices are MIA. They could be doing work for all I know because no one has checked in with updates. I've asked for those updates several times but haven't gotten one.

Not sure how best to tackle that hurdle so I'll sleep on it and see what we come up with tomorrow.

This truly has been an incredible couple of weeks! I am so happy to have been able to celebrate with a trip to Mexico and a trip to see my family. It is wonderful to have this kind of freedom and control over my life. I know I have miles to go but they are finally exciting miles. I see possibility and I believe in my ability to create those possibilites and outcomes as I determine them.

It is a wonderful life! It''s been amazing to share it with those I love the most. Tomorrow will be even better because we are having a family BBQ and the majority of my family will be in one place having fun together! We'll take pictures to share with you. :)

Here's hoping your day was wonderful too!

Create a nice day,


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