Tuesday, June 12, 2007

So Long Denver, Hello Chicago

Well I asked the Universe for a sign today. I asked to receive a positive sign if I was supposed to move to Chicago because I was leaning in that direction. And receive I did.

I won't go into what the sign was because it's personal but I did make the decision today.

Now my next step is to commit and by commiting, I have to choose a date. I need to form a timeline for my decision. I'm thinking by August 15th but that's not firm. I have to be in Wisconsin for a wedding the last weekend of August so it seems silly to fly home for a week only to fly back...and then move to Chicago. In other words, life would be easier if I were to be back in the Midwest before the wedding.

Ugh. Midwest. I'm going to avoid saying that from now on and just stick with Chicago. It's about the only city in that region I find interesting. But the market is great and it's a metropolitan town with great cultural events, fun night life with an urban vibe - all of which I love.

So that was my revelation for the day.

The move isn't permanent. Ideally I'll move there for a few years, get an even better portfolio and move back here or have multiple homes in Denver, Chicago and on a beach somewhere.

In other news, I've picked up a temp gig to make extra money and save up for the move. I'm also reaching out to as many people as possible so as to line up work and housing in Chi-town before I actually get there.

Tomorrow I'm talking with one of our potential clients...we shall see what that leads to! Keep your fingers crossed. I certainly am!

Hope you had a lovely day.

Create a good tomorrow,


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