Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Quick Update

Well it was a busy Wednesday so I only have a few minutes to update you.

I had a chat with a potential client today and I hope we've been able to provide some direction and support for her. The challenge in new clients (one of the challenges I should say) is helping them without doing things for them. I cannot figure out what a business marketing plan should be nor the direction for them to take. I can provide feedback and resources. However there is a tendency to provide consulting...and that should not be free. I have a challenge in that area as well.

Most small business owners are simply self-employed...they aren't business owners at all. There is a huge difference between the self-employed and a small business owner. Anyone who tells you they are the same thing is full of horse manure and you can tell them I said that.

A business owner spends time outside of his/her business, consistently evaluates their business from a non-bias perspective and can easily hand the reigns over to a manager without the business missing a beat. The business owner is independent of the business in other words and that is a significant distinction.

A self-employed person is just a worker who does the work on their own. There's no business plan, no future goals, no outside management or perspective.

The latter isn't bad, it's simply something to be aware of because there are limitations within that structure. The self-employed person will always be at their own mercy. If they take a vacation, they aren't earning money. If they are sick, they aren't getting more clients. If they fall ill on a long-term basis they are basically screwed.

I'm not throwing stones here at all. I've been struggling to move into the business owner shoes myself. I would definitely keep myself on as an employee because I work damn hard and I'm pretty good at everything I do.

However I do believe I have mainly acted as a self-employed person for the majority of the last 14 months and my results so that.

When I do this again (because I will) and run my own business, I will do things differently. I could go into a whole list but it's a bit late and I'm tired.

My whole point to this post was to tell you I am still in process with the potential client. She falls into the self-employed side of things and is mainly looking for consulting/marketing input. The issue there is that it costs money for good it should. We'll do our best to help her though.

I'll keep ya posted!

Off to bed...I had a long day of packing boxes and listening to Robert Allen's Empower Yourself! And Your Downline. Very interesting CDs, I highly recommend them. It fascinates me to hear the "gurus" talk because they overlap so often!!! Everything we really need to know is out there, we just have to open our eyes and see it, grab it and learn it.


Create a nice day,


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