Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Midweek Mover

It's been a long week already. I've spent my nights packing and my days at a temp job. Granted this temp job was pretty easy - my only responsibility was to answer phones. They rarely rang so in essence I simply had to show up.

Anyway, the move is underway. The first big step is to spend a week in Chicago and I booked my flight today. I'll be there from July 23rd through July 29th. Wish me interviews!

I'm continuing to expand my network and asking people to contact their friends for me. So far I've been introduced to one woman with Leo Burnett - that is exciting! I'm thrilled to talk to her and hopefully her contacts as well.

Enough about me, it's time for another brief educational tip! In this article, Clayton, the Man, Makepeace shares his thoughts on fully utilizing copywriting techniques. Enjoy!

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