Thursday, June 7, 2007

Could This Thought Make You Happier?

I didn't realize I had missed writing an update yesterday...penance for me.

Clearly it's been busy around here. I've got a few projects I've been working on for my local copywriter friend, a few emails and quotes to put together for potential new clients on top of my full-time job search ... not to mention taking care of my friend's house and her two mischevious of which escaped into the backyard the other day. They are NOT outdoor kittens.

For the most part though I've been handling the stress fairly well. I have faith that everything will unfold perfectly and fall into place. I am simply and completely committed to my quest for a full-time copywriting job with an ad agency (or something even better!!).

Tomorrow I am following up with a friend's contact and meeting for drinks with another local agency contact. It has occurred to me that I have picked a tough market in Denver.

Be that as it may I will persevere. If I end up moving somewhere for a kick ass agency and an even cooler job then I will move (but I'm limiting that to the Midwest - mainly Chicago...I refuse to live in LA and NYC). So I'm putting my intention out there, I'm believing in it and I'm acting in accordance.

The most difficult part of this is the believing I think. So when I catch myself with that thought, I simply hear it and decide to play around with it, test out the Universe to see if I can manifest something using the intention, belief and action set up.

For instance, today I set the intention that I wanted someone to give me a dollar. And you know what? I got it! I needed cash for windsurfing on Sunday and was a dollar short til today!

Now my struggle is in believing that the $1 is no different than the $400 or $4,'s all the same within the realm of the Universe. It's simply my belief system that makes $400 or $400,000 seem so much bigger.

At least I recognize where the battle lies and I'm working on it. Yay me! I see progress and I'm beginning to reap the rewards.

Whenever I get down on myself about where I'm at in any area of my life (whether it's financially, career-wise or interpersonal), I take a step back and look at where I was and compare it where I am now. I see progress and I see growth.

What else could I ask for?! As long as I'm moving and growing I'm happy. So I'm happy. I hope you are too.

Create a nice day,


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