Monday, June 18, 2007

Moanday Monday

It is pretty tough to work all day, take care of a house and then find time for job searching/apartment living/figure-out-what-I'm-going-to-do-in-the-next-few-weeks-type planning as well. Not to mention updating this blog for you!

I met with a local freelance copywriter to learn more about his career path. He worked for a few of the biggies (JWT, Leo Burnett, etc) and spent almost a decade in Chicago. Currently all of his clients are ad agencies he has worked with in the past (or has become acquianted with over the course of his advertising tenure). He doesn't solicit clients, he just picks up overflow projects from a variety of agencies.

He also recommended I consider a semester or two of school at a specialized advertising school so I can build my portfolio...that or I find a young art director to team up with and conceptualize spec ads.

Great input and insight on his part and I'm exploring both the school and the team concept options.

My next step is to contact more agencies, talk to a few other friends and get things in place for my visit in late July. I'm planning to be in the Windy City from the 19th/20th til the 28th. Hopefully I can find a place to stay and can meet with some acquiantances as well.

Exciting times!!

That's my update but I wanted to take the focus off of me for a moment and share some copywriting knowledge with you. Straight from The Man himself, here's today's newsletter from Clayton Makepeace.

Clayton shares some tidbits on online marketing, copywriting, web traffic and all the other good stuff we love to hear him rant about!!


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