Friday, July 27, 2007

Where Have I Been?!

Yikes! 10 days without a post..sorry...extra apologies because I promised a longer post and never delivered. :(

Honestly you haven't missed much - just the usual daily contract gig which has been pretty good. I also signed up to attend James Ray's Harmonic Wealth Weekend in October.

But this week has been cool!

I have been in Chicago since Monday night (23rd) and am enjoying my week in the city. Because of the car accident and the pain I've been living with since, I was not able to set up as many interviews as I had planned.

Since picking up my contract job, I've also been on the fence about leaving Denver. It seems silly to leave a city where I have a fairly good-paying gig as a copywriter to move to a city where I do not have any job - contract or otherwise - nor a place to live nor any good, close friends or family. (My family is 2.5 hours away by car).

From that respect I decided to come here, see what happened this week and simply enjoy myself. And I have!

I've been to the Contemporary Art Museum, the Garfield Park Conservatory, several lovely neighborhoods like Garfield Park, River North and the Loyola U area. I wish I could've gotten to a few other areas (I LOVE Wrigleyville!!!!) but I still have limited amounts of energy and mobility because of the accident.

This is such a great city. The food, the people, the restaurants, the culture and the public transportation system are FANTASTIC! I love Chicago...especially in the summer. But the winter? That's another story. :\

My time here brought a few contacts my way and I think they should lead to something, somehow and at some time so for that I am grateful. I simply will continue to make the best of this week! :)

Tonight a friend is coming to visit me over sushi; she's a dear friend I haven't seen in years!

Tomorrow I am off for a tour or some other such toursity thing with a friend who is coming down from Michigan. Tomorrow night we're going to dinner and then to Venetian Night on Lake Michigan. Perhaps we'll follow it with a trip to the Ghirardelli shop!!!! Yuummm.

Sunday I plan to go to brunch and/or Navy Pier with another friend before I fly to Denver.

And at some point I've got to get a slice of authentic Chicago-style pizza! I'll think of you when I do and wish you were sharing it with me.

Enjoy your weekend.



Mark Myszak said...

Lara, You inspire me... I know how tough it seems and I'm not sure anything I say can help....

You are doing so well....

Lara K said...

Thank you, I appreciate that! It will work out...things always do. Right now I'm just focusing on getting back to my usual healthy self and the rest will unfold in its own time.