Monday, July 2, 2007


Sadly I don't mean the steak. T-bone is when someone smacks into the middle of your car and the accident forms a T-shape.

It's what happened to me today.

I'm ok but am shaken up and very sore. Fortunately the other driver hit my passenger side and not the driver side. I would have been seriously injured or worse if he had hit me instead. Thank heavens for that.

However my car (Kala as I call her) is not in good shape. She is in the body shop as we speak. It is one of the only nights she has not been with me.

I am sad and miss her.

She is my baby and has been with me through many big life events like moving here to Colorado! We have conquered fears, mountains and mangy men together!! I have named her Kala which is Hawaiian for princess. She's the princess and I'm the queen (queen b**ch to some!).

There's a possibility she is totaled because of her age (10 years, 152,000 miles). I hope not but if that's the case, I will simply take the insurance money and move to Chicago with it. I think Kala is only worth about 2 grand at this point.

That's enough to get me started there but isn't much of a down payment for a new car.

Besides, my income isn't very steady right now and I'd hate to add a car payment to my monthly bills. Chicago transit is excellent and I can live without a car least for awhile.

We shall see.

So I'm going to keep this short, I apologize because I am simply not up to a lengthy post. You dear readers have been neglected of late! I hope my article recommendations have made up for it. But I do owe you better posts soon.

Hopefully after I get a wireless router here at my new home I will be able to write more thoughtful posts for you. That was part of my trip today before the accident - a router.

Tomorrow I am off to the mountains for a wedding and for the 4th of July so you will not hear from me until late Wednesday night or (more likely) Thursday. I do hope this finds you well and enjoying a lovely summer evening!

Create a nice day,


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