Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Why me?

If you've ever had a significant occurrence in your life perhaps you've pondered that same question: Why me?

I certainly have asked that question once or twice in my life. After spending the last 3 months without a car I've been pondering that same thought. Why me? Why now?

But instead of asking those words, I've found it easier to ask: What can I learn? How does this serve me?

Those questions are a bit easier and a whole lot less self-pitying which is a waste of energy.

For some of you not having a car may not seem like much of an obstacle; it may seem like a luxury. And yes it is a luxury but it was one I was accustomed to.

I've been pondering what I can learn from all of this and I've found many, many things. All of which are positive (of course because I've chosen to see the positive in them but that's beside the point or maybe it's in addition to the point....I digress).

Being without a car has made me depend on others and I've now seen how incredibly independent I am.

And I've unearthed what independence means to me: I like to be in control. Without a car, I don't control all of the variables. I have to go when someone else wants to go; I have to leave when they want to leave.

Or I can only get around via the bus and Denver's bus service runs when it feels like it some days.

So how does all of that serve me? I've learned more patience (I swear I could out-Job Job right now) and I've also learned to speak up for myself and to ask for help. Ask my family and they will tell you how often I ask for help: rarely.

Where all of that lack of asking comes from, I'm not entirely certain but it's definitely rooted in childhood experiences.

Regardless, this experience is definitely serving me. I am much more sympathetic, patient and open to asking for help. And if I wasn't asking other people for help you can bet your Etnies (or Nikes or whatever you're wearing) that I wasn't asking the Universe for help either!!!

Or at least not consistently. So yes I am learning to vocalize my desires more and more. And I think it's working for my benefit. :)

That being said I'm buying a new car pretty darn quick. ;) I become a full-time copywriter at The Sports Authority next week and then I'll be shopping for my Jeep Liberty. Wish me luck! Car shopping can be fun...I just have to step into the right attitude and it will be.

After all of the searching, research and energy I have put into buying a car (both now and in the past), I'm wondering if there's a suitable market for helping female car buyers. Perhaps there's a new info-product in all of this????!!!!!!!!! Maybe! More research will help me see what's out there. I'll keep you posted!

All my best,


Why not you?

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