Monday, December 10, 2007

Where's that silver lining?

I don't know where it is exactly but it's around here somewhere. Everybody tells me it is and my heart agrees so I know it's true.

Why am I looking for a silver lining? Because I didn't get the copywriter job in Boulder. The one I had my heart set on. The one my gut told me was right for me. The one that would have made good use of my creative abilities and paid me 10K more than I make now.

Yeah that one.


I got the news this afternoon and I was crestfallen. I fully understand the meaning of that word after the way I felt. I was so completely sure it was mine.

But it isn't.

So now I am waiting and looking for the my silver lining. It's there and I will see it soon. This I know.

I know it's true because when I set an intention or ask for a wish, I always add "this or something better" to the end of it. And the universe listens and responds in kind. I must simply trust.

It will grant me the "something better" soon and much sooner if I let go of my sadness and grief about the Webroot job.

So tomorrow is a new day, a new dawn and another day to be thankful for. And tonight before I fall asleep I will thank the universe for this blessing that at first blush doesn't appear to be much of a blessing and then I will ask for the "something better" to come my way.

I'll let you know when it does. ;)

All the best,


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